My mother made an absurd comment yesterday. She said… that I have… too many conditioners. GASP! I know you had the same reaction that I did, right? How could she say such a thing. My mouth immediately dropped open in exaggerated disbelief and retorted that one can never have too many conditioners. TooRead More →

I didn’t wash my hair with the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger treatment as I had planned. One, the products did not arrived yesterday and was going to wait for the weekend but I had a horrible migraine yesterday and washing my hair usually distracts me and helps relieve theRead More →

My hair is starting to scream PROTEIN! The last time I applied any protein near my hair was weeks ago. My hair has been doing great but this is a reminder that I can’t just ignore my protein treatments. Two months ago I tried the Paul Mitchell (no surprise right?Read More →

Last year, I self relaxed twice and ended up with unprocessed hair both times. The unprocessed portions of my hair eventually resulted in some breakage. In addition, the process of relaxing my hair was not enjoyable. I was a nervous wreck. I was completely convinced I was going to causeRead More →