I stopped setting monthly goals but I really think I should start them back up to help me stay consistent. Here are my goals for the month: Continue drinking 60 oz water per day. Take vitamins with breakfast (which means I actually have to eat a solid breakfast instead ofRead More →

Anonymous asks: Within a week or two after having visible new growth my head gets really itchy. How do you deal with the itch? Last summer my scalp was terrorized by serborrheic dermatitis . I used to wake up during the night because my scalp was so itchy and coveredRead More →

Took my hair down today and here as the results. I forgot to mention last post that before I cross-wrapped my hair yesterday, I applied a small (like half a dime size small) amount of Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil to my hair. I’ve had this oilRead More →