Washed my hair today and liked how my rollerset cam out so I snapped pics. Wash day: Pre-pooed for 45 minutes under heating cap with grapeseed oil • Washed with PM Super Skinny Daily Shampoo • Applied PM Super Skinny Treatment for 5 minutes • Roux Porosity Control for 1Read More →

Relaxers make your hair grow. Scientists at the Cornell Center for Materials Research provide an explanation on how relaxers work:  The main reason hair is curly is because the keratin proteins contain amino acids called cysteines. These cysteines link to each other by disulfide bonds (two sulfur atoms connected to eachRead More →

I haven’t posted much this week at all. I’ve honestly just been taking a break from my hair. I pretty much left it alone. I moisturized and sealed as normal and wore it pinned up in a claw clip or faux bob during the week. Not much as been goingRead More →

I received this notification in my email earlier today. Through tomorrow 9 AM, 10% off Heritage brand products on vitacost.com. I’m currently using Heritage brand of grapeseed oil and I like it. I already have another 16 oz bottle of grapeseed oil I haven’t started using but I might purchaseRead More →

I’m 4 weeks post and it’s time to buckle down. My new growth has begun to rear its curly head so its time to up the maintenance. I mixed my moisturizer with a bit of water this afternoon and sat down to section, spray, and massage it into my newRead More →