Length Check Photos

Last updated: January, 2017.

Starting length: March 13, 2009 •••••••• Right: July 17, 2009
 November 7, 2009

In November, a stylist gave me a cut. Here, I was working back to where I was pre-cut.
January 17, 2010
March 13, 2010
Left: (after a cut) December 29, 2010 •••••••••• Center: March 12, 2011 •••••••• Right: May 8, 2011
Note: my hair on March 12, 2011 was oily and as my hair is fine, the strands stick together when oily, thus making my hair appear thinner than it really is.
Left: July 31, 2011•••••••• Right: September 21, 2011
Left: November 20, 2011••••••••March 4, 2012

May 14, 2012

August 4, 2012 — so close to waist length!

October 11, 2012 — grazing waist length!

December 21, 2012 — four more inches until hip length (top of my pants)

July 21, 2013

Line Guide
APL (arm pit length) at #2 ✓
BSB (below shoulder blade length) at #4 ✓
Top of bra strap at #5 ✓
Bottom of bra strap at #6 ✓
MBL (mid-back length) at #8 ✓

WL (waist length ) between #9/#10 ✓

Note: Hi there, all length checks above this line are when I was fully relaxed. I transitioned to natural from June 2013-April 2015. All photos below this line are of my hair fully natural.

I have switched to a new length check shirt with lines that start further up for my length checks going forward.

June 26, 2015

January 2017
Line Guide
APL (arm pit length) at #9 ✓
BSB (below shoulder blade length) at #10/#11 ✓
BSL (bra strap length) at #14
MBL (mid-back length) at #17
WL (waist length ) an inch after #20


  1. WOw….this is amazayn!….Thing is my hair is sooo short…not even reaching my neck cause I had a big chop…now your hair is my hair’s role model….What are the things I need to do…I have extra dry hair, when I wash my hair…it dries in like 20 mins…Wtaf!…..help out a sis??….Master mastreo please teach me

  2. Is this the longest your hair has ever been or before you started your journey it remained at a certain length seemingly not growing?

    1. Author

      My hair never grew past shoulder length before starting my journey.

      1. That’s very encouraging for me. My hair has never been past shoulder length either… 🙂
        My hair is fine though and moderate thickness so I’m worried that will pose a problem in retaining length.. fine hair is so fragile.

  3. What products did you use and what was your regimen also did you use any hair growth methods such as Inversion Baggying etc?

  4. Jennifer is my undisputed hair care champ. I have developed a hair obsession and am now taking my hair growth very seriously. I want to begin texlaxing my hair myself, these hairstylists aint loyal. I love my hair more than they ever will. Heres my question: my last relax was end of August 2014. I want to try go without a relax for all of 2015 with the help of braids and maybe weaves..thereafter start to texlax the visible growth. Do you think I will be doing more harm than good by doing this? I am desperate for thickness and health. I am certain that the length will follow naturally thereafter. Am I wrong?
    Please help?

  5. Hey, I was reading some of your earlier comments and I saw that you said that you only straighten 2 to 3 times a year. Do you wear your hair natural the rest of the time?

  6. i live in Africa and can not get even half the things you are using for your hair, and honestly i dont understand some of the things you say you do to your hair….i love your hair and the texture is similar to mine, but ow do i get to that length? i would love to have long hair, are there not other things i can use apart from the products u mention?maybe ingredients i could put together?

  7. If I'm correct braiding retains hair growth Right? I've been moisturizing my hair and braiding in extentions since I was little. I'm 13 now.I don't do micro braids because when you take them out it breaks your afro. I'm not mixed race but have fine hair if that helps. Right now my hair is just past my shoulders if a pull on it. It's the only way to see progress since I have never relaxed it before. I really thought my hair would be even longer now since I always moisturize to help keep it strong and i never have expierenced damage. is there something I'm doing wrong or is it just the way my hair is?

    1. Oh yeah and when it's time to take out the braids and once I wash and condition I do not expierence much breakage just a little bit

  8. You have beautiful hair! I have twin 9 year old girls, and I am considering relaxing their hair. They just saw your pictures and are so excited that hopefully they can have hair as long as yours one day! One head is super sensitive but her hair is fine and thin. (3A/B)
    The other head of hair is very tight, curly and thick!!! (4C+++) lol
    Any words of wisdom and advice would be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. they are also little mermaids and its difficult to keep them out of the pool!

  9. I can not wait to reach waist length!!! your hair is so beautiful!!! so glad i found your blog!! happy hair journey!!

  10. Hi, I've been reading a lot for the past six months gaining a lot of widsom for your blog and many others and trying to pass along the much needed wisdom that has been shared on sites like yours. I did the BC back in Aug '13 and I go to the barber every other week for a touch up. At this point I'm not growing my hair, but I want to keep it healthy even though I'm sporting a TWA. I have very thin edges so that's what I'm tryingto work on right now. Your blog is such an inspiration. Thanks

  11. Wow! The growth of your hair is impressive ! I am from Côte d'Ivoire, Africa a french-speaking country and I stumble on your website. Congrats ! I have a question how avoid breakage on the nape. Thx

  12. Jen,

    I watched you video like six times! After finding a ball of knots in my hair because the shedding hair has trouble leaving my coils, I decided to texlax.

    I have stocked on both my favorite products and some of your recommended list.

    Last question left from your video: I did not see you smooth in the vaseline. What do you mean by the technique of putting vaseline on your new growth (NG)? Do you just put it at the parts or thoroughly through all new growth. I did not see that in your process very well.


  13. Wow! My hair is at your starting length now! I'm in the mindset of going through your HHJ soon! You inspire me that African American hair growers can have long hair if you just put your mind to it. Anything is possible! 🙂

  14. i loveeeeeee your blog!!!! i'm also trying to grow my hair hip length!

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