1. Do you add oil to your relaxer?

  2. This question may be super late or outdated. But do you still texlax your hair?
    If you do, did you cut you bone straight hair, or didn't every have any?
    And if you did was it hair to manage bone straight and texlaxed hair

    Thank you

  3. Jen,

    I love your site and I'm so happy for your success. It's been inspiring. After a successful strand test, I finally did my whole head. I'm afraid, I failed. Half of my head is texlaxed the way I want. The other half, I did not leave relaxer long enough and it's a frizzy 4a texture. Now I have two textures. Both sides are really dry as well. I am thinking of big chopping for the second time and starting over. Not sure what would work on my low porosity 4a hair. I've tried everything, spent an outrageous amount of money on hair products natural and professional. Maybe it's just meant to be short.


  4. great technique! i will def use this method for my next relaxer in june

  5. Hello Jen,
    Curious: Why do you roller set after a relaxer? Everyone seems to do that. But can't we just air dry the hair? Or does keeping it straight into a roller set affect the nature or quality of the relaxer?



    Dear Jen,

    First, thank you so much for your generosity in creating this blog and sharing all of your beauty tips. Your hair blog inspired me, as I was about to just cut everything off, since everyone with my texture seems to keep their hair short (4a hair but with 90% shrinkage!). Thank you for your response above about the mid-relaxer protein treatment. I read Audrey Sivasothy's "Science of Black Hair" book and she supports your relaxer strategy of a mid-relaxer protein!

    Ok, so I am really excited because I had four, yes FOUR, strandtest failures! But tonight, I kept thinking and thinking about what it was that I was doing wrong and what had always gone wrong with my relaxers in the past: low porosity!

    It does not matter the strength, my hair does not absorb! The hair is EXTREMELY RESISTANT because of its tightly shut cuticles: low porosity!!! Most products don't even work for me. I have 1 trusted shampoo and 1 trusted conditioner. DH kept saying to spend all I want but "hey, it's ok to accept that your hair is too difficult!". I almost agreed with him and then tonight….had a light bulb moment!!!

    My hair only absorbs stuff at high heat.

    I know that stylists have said that heat and a relaxer don't mix.

    But desperate as I was, I decided to just try my luck.
    They had all failed to do anything on my hair anyway.

    So I did your process exactly, except with the twist of blowdrying my hair with the relaxer in it (I know horrible for anyone with normal or high porosity) and lo and behold, it worked! Exactly 11 minutes. The result was texlaxed hair instead of the zero processing I've been getting all my life. I even had the first bone straight strand I have ever had on a part of the strand test, I forgot until 20 minutes later.

    Many many many thanks Jen.

    God Bless,

  7. Hello Again Jen,

    STRAND TEST #2 results.

    I did a second test before relaxing my whole head.
    This time, on my resistant hair with tightly shut cuticles, I used ORS lye professional NORMAL relaxer directly on my hair skipping the conditioner + vaseline step.

    Result: looser curl pattern initially.
    But It reverted back partially after the Redken Extreme protein treatment!

    This is way too imperfect. Now I'll have to do eliminate this mid-relaxer protein treatment to try to get texlax hair. I might have to add protein back to my hair after the relaxer actually takes.
    Hopefully, I will not have to get EXTRA strength ORS or switch brands.

    I am amazed by how the same regimen doesn't work for everyone.

    The key rule is definitely STRAND TEST! STRAND TEST! STRAND TEST!

    Has anyone with low porosity hair found a texlaxing regimen that works?


    1. Author

      Hi Caroline,
      The mid-step protein treatment makes my hair seemingly revert back when I apply it, but the protein is restoring stretch to the hair after the relaxer has broken those bonds. It's not actually reversing the effects of the relaxer. After rinsing out the protein conditioner and neutralizing, my hair is still texlaxed to my desired degree. Hope that helps.


    Hi Jen,

    My products order finally arrived, including Roux Porosity conditioner, Paul Mitchel, ORS lye relaxer cream, etc.

    So I did a strand test to try out your self-relaxing method & timing on my hair.

    I am so glad that I did because, I had been wanting to for a few weeks now.

    I will have to seriously tweak because my hair did not relax. Thank God, I didn't do my whole head.

    My hair is 4a, extremely tightly coiled and on itself! The hair is resistant/low porosity.
    So coating the hair with conditioner + vaseline did not allow the relaxer to penetrate.

    Tomorrow, on a different strand, I am trying without the vaseline.
    If that does not work, I'll also not use the conditioner layer. My cuticles just don't open.

    Before I went natural, my hair was porous and this method would have worked.
    After 3 years natural, these cuticles are seriously flat and tight!

    Thank you very very very much for the strand test recommendation.


  9. Jen,

    I watched you video like six times! After finding a ball of knots in my hair because the shedding hair has trouble leaving my coils, I decided to texlax.

    I have stocked on both my favorite products and some of your recommended list.

    Last question left from your video: I did not see you smooth in the vaseline. What do you mean by the technique of putting vaseline on your new growth (NG)? Do you just put it at the parts or thoroughly through all new growth. I did not see that in your process very well.


  10. What is the PH of the ORS Professional lye relaxer?

    I love your product reviews. You are super diligent with listing the ingredients and your analysis is super bright! A thousand Thanks!!!!

    Jen, can you start indicating the Ph in the products?

    This would be helpful in helping readers decide whether they could incorporate it into the regimen.

    Thanks in advance Jen!

  11. Jen, you are so amazing to have replied to my question about the type of relaxers that you tried (Mizzani or Affirm) so quickly. Sending blessings your way for the new year! I am 3rd year into my natural journey. If we use the typing system, I am 4a. My coils are kinky but the huge issue is that I have 90% shrinkage. I am not kidding, my strand will curl into itself like a boa constrictor!

    So with this said, my big dilemma now that I am accumulating some products on your list but sticking to my NO FAIL Deep conditioners B.A.S.K. Cacao bar (best of the best, nothing like it, my strands fall apart as if I have henna on my hair for the 100th time) and Curl Harmony.

    But for the relaxer, I have a big problem.

    After many years going to a stylist, no relaxer seemed to be able to make my hair straight. It was always texlaxed, but at that time, this was considered a failure.

    The stylists claimed I have tough hair. Since reading up on hair, I realized that my hair is actually both weak and low porosity (product doesn't penetrate easily)….so I'm totally lost as to what to try to texlax, on purpose. Probably anything will texlax my hair. But I need to experiment on timing to get the consistent results.

  12. Hello Jen, Would your natural hair be considered "resistant"? How did you settle on ORS lye? Have you tried Affirm or Mizzani?

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    1. Author

      Hi there, no my natural hair isn't resistant. It straightens without issue with the right relaxer and smoothing. I used to relax my hair bone straight.

      I've tried Mizani but not Affirm. I settled on ORS lye after watching one of my hair inspirations use it on her hair on YouTube

  13. Hi! would you suggest adding oil to the ors container or taking out the amout and adding oil? and I cant do twist because i did the big chop after 9 months so how do i do the half and half method?

    1. Author

      Hi there, I would recommend scooping the desired amount of relaxer and adding the oil to that. But, do take note of how much relaxer you scoop out and how much oil you add in order to replicate the same ratio for future touch ups to help ensure consistent results.

      I do the half and half method because I work slow, but if you're able to work fast enough, you may not need to relax each half separately. I use the twist to help speed up the process but the half and half method can be done without them.

  14. Do you texlax one half at a time because of how much hair you have? I'm really interested in this method, might try it when I finally texlax in Mar

    1. Author

      No I use the half and half method because I don't work quickly enough to do my whole head in one go.

  15. Hi Jen
    I am going to do my first self-texlax within the next week. I will use your tutorial. But I really need to know how you rinse out your relaxer. Do you stand in the shower or hold your head over the sink/bath? Which way will pretty much guarantee that the front will not get wet whilst rinsing the back?

    Please respond!


  16. your hair is amazing! Absolutely Beautiful. Im going to try incorporating some of your regimen into my own routine!

    1. Author

      ORS Relaxer, lye formula, normal strength.

  17. Wow! Dat was neat. I dont want to ask of ur regimen but d thing is dat d info is much. Don't no where to start from 🙁 help pls. Also I live in nigeria so wat alternative products can I use?

    1. Hi Jen can you please make a video on how you wash out your relaxer in the back or even an explaination Please

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