I’ve wanted a Hot Head heating cap for well over a year now (maybe longer) and finally caved and got one (cost: $29.95 from Hot Head Etsy Store). As much as I love my steamer and Gold N’ Hot condition cap (which I’ve had since 2009!), both require that IRead More →

After posting about these clips in Sunday’s Hair Babble post I remembered I had an Amazon gift card and after a few clicks (and maybe a squeal of excitement), I finally have a hair cutting clip in my life. If you’re familiar with the CreaClip, this clip is pretty muchRead More →

Annabel asks:  Hi Jen, I noticed in some pictures your oils are in dark burgundy bottles. I’m just wondering why you’ve rebottled your oils in these bottles. Where did you purchase them? Hi Annabel, light degrades essential oils (e.g. lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree oil) and carrier oils like grapeseed oil.Read More →

The owner of CapelliCare was very kind and sent me these cool Hourglass Rollers a few weeks ago to try out. They’re available in seven sizes, these white 1.85″ rollers being the largest (0.66″ being the smallest). As you can see, they have a unique hourglass shape (which I thinkRead More →

I received my mesh rollers today… BUT, I washed and roller set my hair last night on my regular magnetic rollers. I wish these were delivered yesterday, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll use them next week. Purchased them from [here]. Purchased 4 packs, contains 8 rollers each, with picks. PostRead More →