Okay I’m kinda cheating with this week’s wash day post since I haven’t washed my hair since straightened it last week. Forgive me? Pleeeeease? My hair had started puffing out but I wanted to coax a couple more days out of it since I have no clue when I’ll straightenRead More →

Saturday night I blow dried my hair, fully intending to flat-iron it. By the time my hair was dry my arms were tired, my biceps burned and I was fresh out of patience. I ended up flat ironing one row before calling it quits. I wore my hair in aRead More →

I started off by applying Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner to dry hair for an hour under my Hot Head Conditioning Cap. This conditioner is not a deep conditioner but it works well for a quick boost of moisture and provides lots of slip. After rinsing out the conditioner IRead More →

Normally by day 5, I’m either ready to pull my hair up into a puff because my hair has morphed into a frizzy mass while shrinkage is taking over, or co-washed/applied moisturizer because my hair feels like Saharan Desert. This week’s wash day has held up pretty well. Per myRead More →

Smaller braids = a more defined braid out = Jen can’t keep her hands out of her hair = Jen’s braid out only lasts 4 days Between rolling around like a madwoman in my sleep because I’ve been having nightmares about spiders (I’m ridiculously terrified of spiders), my work outsRead More →