I had my touch up done yesterday at MonicaTodd Salon on Tremont Street in Boston yesterday. Great results as usual. No trim this time lol. Looks like about 3 1/2, 4? inches until I reach BSL. I didn’t get as much growth during this stretch as I did during myRead More →

I didn’t last my intended 14 week stretch, but 13 weeks isn’t bad either!  I went back to MonicaTodd Salon in Roxbury for my touch up this time too. I took about 35 minute to detangle my new growth and base my scalp. I felt kinda bad, but she wasRead More →

I successfully completed my 14 week stretch!!! I hadn’t even realized it until I just counted the weeks.  YAY!  I made it through the shedding, the crunchy roots, the tangling, the uneven ends (parts of my hair grow faster than others. So I relaxed this Saturday and opted out onRead More →