I relaxed my hair on Sunday but didn’t get around to posting anything because I’ve been busy packing and getting ready to move (I thought moving would be exciting, but so far it’s just been exhausting!). There are a lot of things I meant to do for this relaxer touchRead More →

I successfully self-relaxed my hair yesterday. Whooooooooooooooooooooo! Thank you to the many ladies who suggested I try the half and half method, it made it so much easier to manage the application time and made the whole process less stressful. I’m also about an inch, inch and a half fromRead More →

My hair came out nice, light, bouncy. I have a horrible migraine and didn’t take many pics, but I’ll take length check pics tomorrow. Tonight I applied a dime sized amount of Hairveda Whipped Creme Ends Hydration, sealed with grapeseed oil and crossed wrapped my hair. Covered with a satinRead More →

APL is at the #2 line for me I got my touch up today and I love the results. I had my touch up done at MonicaTodd Salon again. I applaud envy women that can self-relax their hair because I cannot and have given up. Monica did a great jobRead More →