I self-relaxed my hair this weekend and followed the same routine show here in my self-relaxing video. In all honesty, sometimes I feel like I do a lot on relaxer day, but hey, if it works, and it ain’t broke… . Here are the steps I followed: (1) I started offRead More →

I followed my normal touch up routine: (1) I pre-parted/sectioned my hair, based my scalp with vaseline, and coated my previously relaxed hair with CHI Silk Infusion, Roux Porosity Control, and conditioner. Today I used Paul Mitchell Super Charged Moisturizer. (2) I self-relaxed using the half and half method. Here’sRead More →

*Warning* This is a long post and pic heavy 🙂 I ended my stretch yesterday and I have to say, this recent touch up was the best thus far. I’ve been self-relaxing for nearly a year and have been getting better at it each time but I have to say,Read More →