So I ended my stretch at 16 weeks because I just couldn’t deal with single strand knots anymore. One night I ended up cutting out 11. That was last straw for me. I used my usual Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil relaxer, lye formula, normal strength and I self-relaxed my hair, using myRead More →

Note: I recorded how I detangled, flat ironed, and trimmed for this touch up and like a dum-dum, delete all the footage BEFORE saving it to my laptop. Silly me, I assumed I transferred both pics and video before clearing my memory card but clearly didn’t. Sorry Cindy, I knowRead More →

I ended my 10 week relaxer stretch this past Friday and I followed my usual method, relaxing my hair in halves. You can watch the video of how I self-relax my hair here. Here’s what I did in steps: 1. I started off by basing my scalp, coating my hair,Read More →