I definitely texlaxed my hair yesterday. My hair grows in coils and now they’re much looser, more wavy. I don’t really love it but I don’t plan on correcting it until my next touch up in 10 weeks. I’m actually happy about this little mistake, I’ve learned that I needRead More →

*long post – sorry!* I self relaxed today, with my mother’s help. She did two sections while I did the others. Application and smoothing took us 15 minutes. I was not willing to go a minute over out of paranoia, but I do wish we smooth certain parts better. MyRead More →

I’ve decided to go through with my relaxer touch-up tomorrow. As of right now, I plan relaxing the front half while my mom does the back half, but she was fussing that she’ll be distracting trying to watch me work on my half (I see who I get my attentionRead More →

My 11 week stretch came to an end yesterday. I prepped my hair for my touch up the week before by clarifying my hair, then shampooing with a protein shampoo, a quick protein treatment, followed up with a moisture treatment, and did my last rinse with Porosity Control to layRead More →

… because my hair grows more during the summer and combating my new growth is a hassle. Tonight I was supposed to deep condition and do either a twist or braid out… but then I thought about my new growth and detangling and said no thanks! Every time I stretchRead More →