[blockquote align=”none” author=”Jem”]Hi Jen, Great blog by the way! I have been transitioning for about 15 months & I have noticed that the front section of my hair has grown but has no pattern or it feels like there is no pattern. Also is it best to trim transitioning hairRead More →

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Mina”]Hi Jen, is it bad that I have been 1 year natural & I blow dry my hair. When I say blow dry, I mean i wash my hair every weeks & I blow dry on low heat & I put my hair in a protective style (whichRead More →

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Mayah”]Hi Jen, maybe I missed it, but do you have a post or photo laying out where the length markers are on your body? Please bear with me, but how tall are you? When did you start your hair journey? I’ve read your past posts and saw youRead More →

J. Astrid asks: Can you please help a Caribbean sister out? HIi! I have texlaxed my 4c hair about a week ago and I realized that my hair still often feels very dry and like natural hair. I texlaxed so I could manage my hair better. Plz recommend a solution!Read More →

Teela Asks: Hola jen! Just wondering… what does your natural texture look like soaking wet, straight from the shower, sans product? i think ur texture is like mine, where it starts to shrink up really fast. i’ve seen your natural hair curly + wet, but what’s it like when heavyRead More →