TJ asks:  Hi Jen, not sure if this might be too personal a question (or maybe I’m over thinking things lol) but how do you keep track of everything you do on your blog, and now forum. I think you’ve mentioned you’re also in school. I just don’t get howRead More →

Happy Monday all! Check out my guest post on on how I keep my ever-growing product stash organized. More pics and breakdown of how the drawers below are organized are over on Tidy-Up Gal’s blog: [click me!] I purchased this organizer from Ikea. The first shelf houses my rollers,Read More →

I finally got around to organizing my product stash. I was previously using the top shelf of my spare closet to house all my products. As you can see, it was a mess… not that I didn’t try half-heartedly to organize it. The problem was it just never stayed organizedRead More →