I started my long-term transition with waist length and have been looking forward to getting back to that length. Over the last year, I’ve done the bare minimum to foster optimum/faster hair growth. I only straightened my hair twice last year, and live in twist out and puffs so I’veRead More →

While blow drying my hair this weekend (using the tension method + cool air), I had the sudden urge to see how long my hair has gotten. It’s been ages since I’ve done an official length check. No seriously, it has. I haven’t done one since June 2015, eek! You can checkRead More →

I nearly forgot to post my 2 month update. I had been holding out on straightening my hair for a proper length check for weeks. Then I kind of hit a twist out stride out and the urge to flat-iron my hair went right out the window. Anywhooo, here’s myRead More →

I was deleting photos on my iPad when I found the photos on the left, from September 2015. I hadn’t realized there was much of a change in my wet hair over the last couple of months. Those thinner looking ends on the top left? I’m going to chalk itRead More →