For months I’ve wonder how Eden would compare to As I Am Coconut Co-Wash Conditioner. Two weeks ago I finally decided to take the plunge and bought a jar at Sally Beauty ($8.49). I started off with dry, in-need-of-moisture, deep-conditioned-a week-ago, took-my-marley-twists-out-3-days-ago, been-frolicking-with-my-hair-out-since-then, hair. For extra-moisture on wash days, IRead More →

Last week I randomly remembered I had some Komaza points to redeem so I popped on over to their site and grabbed these goodies Bountiful Mane Scalp Serum Califia Care Styling Pudding Moja Moisturizng Conditioner Califia Care Leave-In Conditioner The best part about my new natural hair journey is tryingRead More →

Every since Ebony of Longing4Length posted about her love for Obia Naturals Coconut Shea Shampoo Bar, trying out shampoo bars has been on my wish list for months. I took the plunge and grabbed some shampoo bars from Bobeam. Bobeam has a number of shampoo bars to choose from… thatRead More →

Thank you for all the well wishes last post!!! Sneaking this post in before I crash. All nighters = no bueno. My Black Friday buys are finally all here. Oyin was the first to arrive – best BF shipping I’ve ever experienced. I purchased on BF (11/29) and my productsRead More →

I’ve been looking forward to Ulta’s yearly liter sale for weeks because I’ve been running dangerously low on Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner but didn’t want to commit to purchasing a bottle before the liter sale rolled around. Ulta’s liter sale has been in full swing since July 7th and I finallyRead More →