Wondering why the pH level of your products matters? Acidic products close the cuticle layer of the hair. For high porosity ladies, using an acidic product after deep conditioning will help close the cuticles along the hair shaft, thereby sealing moisture into the hair. For low porosity ladies, whose hair cuticles are already tightly sealed, using a product with a low pH will further compact the cuticles, making it harder for moisture to penetrate into the hair shaft.Read More →

Determining if you have high porosity hair: A quick way to determine whether your hair is low porosity is to collect strands from a brush or comb and drop them into a glass of water. If your hair takes a relatively short amount of time to sink, your hair isRead More →

Hair porosity refers to the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture.If you have low porosity hair, the cuticles of the hair shaft are tightly bound, making it harder for moisture to penetrate into your hair. Determining if you have low porosity hair:  A quick way to determine whether yourRead More →

I found an old folder I had created titled “Hair Journal” – completely forgot I had ever created or added anything to it. I found the info below in a document. I really wish I could provide the source, as this wasn’t written by me and would rather give creditRead More →