There are a few different ways to go about doing a hot oil treatment: Variation #1 What you’ll need: oil, plastic cap, plastic color applicator bottle, bowl Start by warming up your oil of choice by placing it in a bowl of hot, but not scalding, hot water. I findRead More →

A reader asks: I tried self-relaxing for the first time, and my hair came out seriously underprocessed. I’m really worried about breakage now. Have you had breakage since you started texlaxing and if so, how have you dealt with it? I’ve definitely experienced breaking at the line of demarcation, whereRead More →

I was playing around in my hair today and noticed that I had some breakage at my crown and at my nape (at the last inch or so). It’s not a lot of breakage, but it’s enough for me to take notice. I do not do any styles that placeRead More →

I haven’t done a cassia treatment in a very long time, but after pre-pooing honey this past weekend and loving it (upcoming post on that), I’m going to definitely add honey to my cassia next time. Here’s a vid I found on mixing cassia with honey (I won’t be addingRead More →