A reader asks: I tried self-relaxing for the first time, and my hair came out seriously underprocessed. I’m really worried about breakage now. Have you had breakage since you started texlaxing and if so, how have you dealt with it? I’ve definitely experienced breaking at the line of demarcation, whereRead More →

Two quick ways I minimize breakage at the line of┬ádemarcation during my relaxer stretches (I’ve been slacking on this but vow to remain consistent). Moisture: To make it easy to moisturize this portion of my hair, I mix my moisturizer and water in small spray bottle so that I canRead More →

I curbed the breakage I was experiencing earlier this week! YES! What my hair really needed was moisture. I had subjected my hair to direct heat, (I did use a heat protectant) yet I had not taken the time to make sure my hair was adequately moisturized before I flatRead More →