Wondering whether you should give henna a try? Here are a few pros and cons. – Pros – Natural dye For ladies (and gents) who prefer not to use boxed commercial, chemical dyes, henna is a natural way to dye hair an orangish/reddish/burgundy tint. The dye molecules in henna, calledRead More →

After mixing up my henna paste of henna, indigo, coconut milk, conditioner, and water and letting the dye release for 2 hours (read: My First Henna Recipe) I grabbed a pair of gloves, threw on an old shirt I didn’t mind staining, and opened Hulu on my phone to make theRead More →

I found my sense of adventure and did my first henna treatment this weekend. Instead of doing one long, pic heavy post I’ll be breaking up my first henna treatment: recipe, application, and results. Ingredients Rajasthani Indian Henna – 100g Indigo – 50g Coconut milk – 1 can Conditioner –Read More →

What is henna? Henna is a flowering plant whose dried, powdered leaves can be turned into a paste to create beautiful temporary body art and permanently dye hair an orangish/reddish/burgundy tint. Extremely important note! When purchasing henna, whether it be for body art or hair treatments, always purchase body artRead More →