I recently tried coconut milk in my henna treatment and I love how my hair felt afterwards. Here are few benefits of coconut milk. Strengthens Rich in protein, coconut milk can be used to strengthen hair. To make your own strengthening mask, combine 1/2 can of coconut milk, 1 avocado,Read More →

Hope everyone had a great weekend! As I mentioned in my last wash day post, here’s the DIY detangler I mixed up and applied under coconut oil. Alone it works great but adding the coconut oil on top really increased its effectiveness. Here’s a collage of how I mixed itRead More →

Thank you for supporting the JGA Journal and for reaching out with feedback and excitement for the paperback journal. I appreciate you all so darn much!!!! As for the paperback version, I’m so very sorry but it’s going to take me a little while longer. My laptop died on me this weekendRead More →

Garlic oil is a great way to combat shedding. I’ve tried it in the past but I couldn’t take the smell; the brand of garlic oil had a VERY strong smell. This time around, I decided to make my own and add lavender oil to it to mask the smell.Read More →