Kreyòl Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil

Out of all the products and product lines I’ve reviewed on JGA, I am most excited about this line because it’s from my homeland!!!! When I found Kreyòl Essence on Instagram I screamed. Screamed! And I may have danced in my in seat in excitement. You would’ve thought I won

Hair Story Feature: Meet Jay Jay

When and why did you start your hair journey? I started my hair journey on March 11th, 2014. After looking at some natural hair videos on YouTube and how healthy, versatile and beautiful natural hair is, I decided to go back to my roots and cherish the natural that I

Lost Files: First Straight Hair of 2017

Lost files! The straightening recap that never made it to the blog last years! Here’s how I straightened my hair last January. 1 – deep condition I started off by deep conditioning with my longtime boothang Hairveda Deep Conditioning Hair Masque (review here). To help the conditioner penetrated in my

Gone Too Long

Thank you. Thank you to everyone who still checked into the blog while I was M.I.A this year, for the instagram messages letting me know that my posts were missed, for the messages checking if I was okay. With a new job, focusing on building my career, moving, challenging myself

Hair Story Feature: Naomi

Name: Naomi Your hair is? Natural When did you start your hair journey? What inspired you? I have always been natural, but I only properly started taking care of my hair 2 years ago, so I call it my ‘hair care journey. I was inspired by women on YouTube and

First Length Check of the Year

While blow drying my hair this weekend (using the tension method + cool air), I had the sudden urge to see how long my hair has gotten. It’s been ages since I’ve done an official length check. No seriously, it has. I haven’t done one since June 2015, eek! You can check

Happy New Year | Goals For 2017

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 ended on a great note for all of you and that 2017 rolled in full of promise and excitement. Between starting a new job and making a personal commit to live life rather than just exist, it’s been hard to balance life off the net

Crochet Braids with Jamaican Bounce Hair

Loooong time no blog! I’m so sorry I’ve been m.i.a. but work and life have kept me wrapped up and away from my laptop (that not-so-conveniently broke down this weekend). I’ve been trying out a few new things with my tresses, finding new staples, straightening it, tucking it away in

Softest Twist Outs Ev-ah!

This is the sister post to Sometimes Laziness Pays Off. That easy, moisturizing routine set the foundation for my softest twist out ever, eh-vah! And the best part? My hair remained soft and moisturized for a whole week without any additional co-washing or moisturizing. Whoop whoop! Here is the full