Gone Too Long

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who still checked into the blog while I was M.I.A this year, for the instagram messages letting me know that my posts were missed, for the messages checking if I was okay.

With a new job, focusing on building my career, moving, challenging myself to experience life rather than just existing, and honestly having just enough energy to have dinner, watch a show, and cuddle our cats before tucking in for the night . . . my time spent with all of you and JGA became nonexistent. I regret my abrupt departure from the blog, but I don’t regret taking a step back.

This year has been so physically and emotionally exhaustive, but it’s also been filled with so much so growth, so much progress, so much life! I can genuinely say I am not the same woman I was when 2017 began and it’s a wonderful thing. I remembering praying last year for inner change to effect my outward actions and perspectives and that’s exactly what happened throughout 2017. I love who I’ve become this year and I’m excited for what the future holds.

I hope you’ve had an amazing 2017, have grown from all your experiences, and are ready for 2018. Whether good or bad, it’s bound to be a memorable year.

Well after unleashing at all across your screen….. I’ve missed hair blogging, interacting with all of you, and all the things that have made JGA what is happen over the last 7 years! I’ll see you in the new year, with new hair posts (FINALLY!!!), and new posts from me and my guys on our joint blog, The Edge of Ordinary (we’re equally excited and nervous to be sharing our antics with the interwebs!).

Happy New Year

xo, Jen


  1. Weloce back..I’m so happy that you grew as a person..and I wish you all the best.thank you for the motivation you gave us even when you were absent.. your love for hair care always make us come to the blog for tips..love from saudi arabia

  2. Welcome back and Happy New Year!!! I’m happy for you that you took time off for yourself. I am happy for us that you have returned! I look forward to your new posts!

  3. Jen, welcome back! So glad you were able to take stock in what’s important to you. Selfishly, I’m happy you are back, you have been sorely missed.


  4. Yay welcome back, missed you so much!

  5. So glad to have you back, Jen! I can 100% relate to the need for a blogging break just to recenter things in life. I look forward to your upcoming hair posts.

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