One of my goals this month is to restore moisture to my parched tresses. To do so, I’ve taken to deep conditioning twice a week, once on Sunday and then again on either Wednesday or Thursday evening when I get home. Normally, my steps are to pre-pooo, shampoo/co-wash, hop out of the shower, deep condition, hop back in the shower but last week not one cell in my body was up for that. I gave into my laziness and inadvertently put together the simplest routine that resulted in the softest, moisturized hair I’ve had in a while.
My simplest, most moisturizing routine

1 – Deep Condition on dry hair

To avoid having to jump in and out of the shower to deep condition, I did it as step 1. I sectioned my hair into 8 and applied TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask to dry hair. To help the conditioner penetrate into my hair (it sunk right into my hair by the way), I covered my hair with a plastic cap and used my Hot Head Conditioning Cap.

2 – Tea rinse scalp

When I hopped in the shower to rinse out the conditioner, I had another deviation from the norm. Instead of rinsing out the conditioner, co-washing, tea rinsing, and then applying a rinse out conditioner, I tea rinsed before rinsing out the conditioner. My goal when tea rinsing is to rinse my scalp with the tea, it really doesn’t matter to me if the tea saturates into my hair. For that reason, I decided to do a green and peppermint tea rinse prior to rinsing out the conditioner. Since I do not apply conditioner to my scalp, ever, the tea was free to flow to my scalp as intended. I let the tea sit for 5 minutes before rinsing everything out.

3 – Co-wash and Detangle with wide-toothed seamless comb

I finished up in the shower by co-washing with True Co-Washing Cleansing Conditioner and detangling with a wide-toothed seamless comb while the cleansing conditioner saturated my hair. I used to detangle with just my fingers in the shower and then with a wide-tooth comb after applying my leave-ins but no more. Detangling after applying leave-ins is a holdover habit from my relaxed hair days and I wish I’d seen the light and started using my seamless comb with a slip producing product months ago. I’ve learned the error of my ways. True Co-Washing Cleansing Conditioner provides so much freaking slip and makes it super easy to comb through my hair. I lose MUCH less hair when detangling in the shower.

Never thought I’d be thankful for a moment of laziness, but there’s a first time for everything!


  1. why do you not put deep conditioner on your scalp?

  2. Wow this has got to be the simplest routine ever! I wonder how much time is cut off on this as opposed to regular wash day?

  3. Hi Jen, would you recommend this routine for relaxed hair?

    1. Author

      No, just a deep conditioner and co-washing cleansing conditioner.

  4. How do you heat up your hot head cap? I often forgo using it because it seems like 5 steps to get it heated if one follows the instructions. Like heat for 40 seconds, then turn, then 30 seconds, then turn then x seconds. I can never remember so i often forgo it. Do you do it differently or heat up just once etc? thanks

    1. Author

      I used to do it that way but I got lazy to be honest. Now I pop it in for 1.5 minutes and go

  5. As a 4c natural, there is always that day when you just want to get done with washing as fast as you can.
    I haven’t tried doing a Peppermint tea rinse before.. Does it tingle?

    1. Author

      Hmmm, not really. Just a pleasant cooling sensation

  6. Hi Jen, What are your measurements for the green and peppermint tea rinse?

    1. Author

      Hola, 1 tea bag each, around 24-28 oz of water (I use a big mason jar)

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