Goodies from Silk Hydration

Huge thank you to Silk Hydration for sending over this awesome box packed with goodies. I’ve been using these products for a month and have reviews lined up to share with you (I haven’t let my hiatus go to complete waste lol).

Silk Hydration was created by stylist L. Jones. I get so excited when boss ladies carve out and claim a space in this world using their own creative gifts.

In the box

IMG_77601 – Miracle Potion No9
2 – Extreme Clean Clarifying Shampoo
3 – Leave-In Conditioner
4 – Extreme Moisture Moisturizing Shampoo
5 – Silky Serum Oil
6 – Replenishing Conditioner

First Impressions

 So far, I’ve used 4 out of the 6 products. Here are my first impressions.

Extreme Moisture Moisturizing shampoo: I love the fragrance, how gentle it is (it doesn’t strip my hair at all, even without pre-pooing first), and it cleanses really well. I’ve been dealing with itchy scalp and I’ve noticed I have less flakes the week after I use it.

Leave-In Conditioner: I love. I’ve had my hair in marley twists quite a lot over the last month because I’ve been too busy/wrapped up in life to style my hair and normally my biggest issue when wearing marley twists is keeping my hair moisturized. I wasn’t deep conditioning much over the last month so my hair was still dry but this leave-in helped keep my hair from going over the deep end into full Sahara Desert mode by making it super easy to spray my hair, moisturize it when I had to re-do unruly twists.

Replenishing Conditioner: It soaks right into my hair, detangles, and softens (full review will go live this afternoon).

Miracle Potion No9: I loved spraying my twists with this. It’s light, adds shine and made my twists smell lovely.


Have you used these products?

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  1. That is one box of very happy hoard that any girl would die for. I’m curious though of its smell. Is it floral?

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