My hair has been on whirlwind for the last 2 weeks, and not an altogether pleasant one. I’ve gone from twist out, to straight hair, to marley twists, to puff, back to twist out. I’ve fiddled with my hair too much in such a short span of time, making me wish I’d just put my hair in a some long-term-ish protective style like crochet braids. The only saving grace is that I still managed to keep it simple product and styling wise. Here’s what my tresses have been up to.

My usual boo – the twist out

[1] Co-washed with V05 Moisture Milk Conditioner
[2] Deep conditioned in the shower with Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner
[3] Squeezed excess water from my hair with a towel and applied leave-ins Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-In Conditioner (my review) + Shea Moisture Curl Enchancing Smoothie
[4] Put my hair in 24 twists that I let dry overnight
[5] Unraveled and fluffed out my hair by gently tugging my hair down and running each twist through my fingers

Twist out

Short-lived straight hair

Then I caught the straight hair bug again, so I decided to blow out and flat iron my hair.

[1] Shampooed Paul Mitchell Mirrorsmooth Shampoo
[2] Deep conditioned with TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask (my review)
[3] Put my hair in 4 twists and pinned them around my head to keep hair stretched while I air dried for an hour
[4] Applied Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide (long time fave heat protectant that sadly has been discontinued) and Organix Brazillian Keratin Anti-Breakage Serum
[5] Blow dried my hair on the cool setting and braided each section to keep it stretched

blow dried hair

It took about an hour to blow dry my hair and once finished, I should’ve stopped and left the braids in to rock a fluffy braid out after seeing how fluffy, yet textured my hair was after just an hour in the braids… buuuttt I didn’t. blow dried hair

I went ahead and flat ironed my hair – against the gut feeling that I shouldn’t – and pin curled my hair as I went along to keep it out of the way.

pin curled straight hair

straight hair

After straightening, I put 8 flexi rods in my hair and went to sleep. Night sweats wouldn’t let my be great because the next morning I woke up and my roots had puffed all the way up and the flexi rods gave my hair more body than I was hoping to achieve. And throw in the fact that it was so humid that next day that it felt like I was walking through warm soup, well my straightened hair lasted all of 48 hours. By the end of day 2 I looked like a walking stick of chocolate flavored cotton candy.

Before humidity attacked

I was so annoyed with my big hair that I just wanted all of it tucked away, so I deep conditioned on dry hair with TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask to revert my hair + co-washed with V05 Moisture Milk Conditioner and put my hair in marley twists for a week. When my hair started to look frizzy, I took out the marley twists and was soooooo ready to rock my lovely, stretched twist out but then I got caught in the rain. I ended up looking like I had a mullet – stretched post-marley-twist twist out on the bottom and my shrunken, now-frizzy hair on top. Not. Cute.

I was out with my guy at the time and bless him for not commenting on ridiculous my hair looked. I left like a wet poodle. I salvaged my hair for the rest of the day by pulling it up into a high puff and misting my hair to even out the shrinkage but went right back to old-faithful the next day.

[1] Co-washed with V05 Moisture Milk Conditioner
[2] Deep conditioned in the shower with Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner
[3] Applied Camille Rose Natural Curl Love Moisture Milk + Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
[4] Put in 24 twists and let my hair dry over night
[5] Unraveled and fluffed out my hair by gently tugging my hair down and running each twist through my fingers

twist out


Are you protective styling through the summer?


  1. Wow. Lemme make sure I got it all
    Twist out
    Marley twist
    Twist out
    In 2 weeks… Yeah?
    Bless you girl!
    Your twist outs still, tho?
    I’m doing short-term protective/ low maintenance styles. So it’s a weekly thing. Your run down would take me all the way through summer??

    1. Author

      LOL! Yup that sums it up ? Tooooo much, I really should just choose a protective style to get me through the summer.

    1. Author

      I totally can’t wait to see a twist out result! *nudge nudge* (chanting) do one, do one, do one!

  2. “Chocolate flavored cotton candy” ,too funny!!

  3. Loved the chocolate flavoured candy cotton. So Stylish and so 70’s. Rock that with flare jeans and a leather jacket or a flare jersey dress and you will be the coolest girl in tow.

    1. Author

      Thanks! I hadn’t even thought of the 70’s look. I used to have a pair of flare jeans that I looooovvveeeeddddd! I wore them til the hems frayed and ripped. Wish I still had them now!

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