5 protective styles perfect for vacations

While on vacation, the last thing you want to do is waste precious time worrying about how to style your hair. Here are 5 low maintenance protective styles perfect for vacations.

Box braids


Crochet braids – Curly Styles

I’m about a sneeze away from diving in and trying crochet braids. Here are two great tutorials on how to achieve curly styles with crochet braids.


Crochet braids – Havana Twists


Faux locs


Halo twists


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What’s your favorite way to style your hair while on vacation? Don’t forget to add your wash day post to the link up!


  1. Box braids are the easiest to do for me but all the rest are great suggestions.

  2. The only vacation/protective style I’ve tried is Senegalese twists, they look similar enough to Marley twists, and I’m sure are just as long to install.
    Crochet braids seem like a win-win option tho, with shorter installation and greater styling variety.
    I’ll look out for your updates if you decide to take the plunge.

    1. Author

      I look forward to seeing your results if you give it a try!

  3. my fav style is the halo twist! but I do love crochet twists and crochet braids for the summer

  4. My favorite all time is crochet braids. You will not regret getting crochet braids. With less time installing compared to Marley twists, box braids etc, and easy take down with so many different hair styles/texture to choose from its a WIN WIN!!!!

    1. Author

      I love marley twists, but I hate how long it takes to install them (it takes me 3-4 hours). One of my biggest motivations for trying crochet braids is the shorter install time.

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