This week’s #washdayexperience theme is “Sun & Swimming Hair Protection. Here are 4 ways to protect your hair when swimming. I’ll back with sun protection tips later this week!

4 ways to protect hair when swimming

How do you protect your hair when swimming?


  1. Nice ways to protect your hair when swimming, although it works well but I like to wear GKhair Leave-in conditioner cream the most as it creates the protective layer over your hair. After its application whether I jump into a swimming pool or an ocean, I stay completely fearless of hair damage.

  2. hello, i love read you, i from Venezuela, and i live in Spain, Barcelona… i relax my hair, but i practice a lot sport water and swiming at the beach every day, i use all time conditioners and mask, before and after swim. but i dont know exclatly how take care my hair . always use too spry every day .. what u recomend me.. thanks u so much

  3. This is a great article. My daughter is in camp and she goes swimming 2 to 3 times per week. I keep her hair moisturized and after swimming I cowash, deep condition and let it air dry and I moisturize and seal again.

  4. What if your child is going swimming with her class and you wont be there to dampen her hair and seal it with oil?

  5. My daughter swims 5 days per week and these are the steps I use to protect her hair (she doesn’t use a swim cap): I wet hair, and seal with oil and twist. If I have more time, I wet her hair, add a moisturizing conditioner, seal with oil, and twist. Afterwards, I just cowash her hair, because I’m not sure if using Elucence volume clarifying shampoo daily would be okay, and then I LOC. On the 5th day of swimming, I cowash, deep condition or use butter-n-bars nourishing herbal hair masque, and then I LOC… If my steps are lacking, please tell me what you would suggest. Thanks in advance, and I will be looking into purchasing swimmers shampoo.

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