After my last dance with henna back in May, I initially planned to use Red Raj henna from Henna Sooq for my next henna application but after seeing how red my hair was in the sun (view here), I decided using Red Raj – which has lawsone content of 3.29% – wasn’t necessary. The effects of henna build up over time and I worry that using Red Raj would produces tones that were too red so I’ll be sticking to jamila henna.

Jamila henna and coconut milk

What I Used

  • 100 g (1 box) of jamila henna
  • 1/2 can of coconut milk
  • Green tea

What I Did

[1] Combined 2 cups of green tea with 100 g of jamila henna in a plastic bowl.

[2] Mixed in 1/2 can of coconut oil.

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[3] Covered the bowl with cling wrap and let the mix sit for about 10 hours for dye release.

Here’s a short clip of how I prep my henna. My henna paste below is on the liquid-y side (ideal consistency is that of pancake batter), but it thickened up while I let the paste sit for dye release. Why is it on the liquid-y side? I have to stretch 100 grams of henna for my big head since I only have 1 box on hand.

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  1. Hi Jenn
    I am going to henna my hair with Damask henna in a few days. I wonder if putting coconut milk will give me less volume because I am doing the henna to have ticker hair

  2. Hey Jen!

    Brilliant idea using coconut milk! Though henna is one of my go-to options for coloring hair, I have never thought about using coconut milk instead of water! Will give it a try soon.

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  3. I purchased the same jamila henna, on the box it says wait 5 hours for dye release. Did you notice dye release after 5 hours?

  4. I don’t usually comment, but my henna recipe is inspired by the same person yours is. I’m going to try using Green Tea in my recipe. What a great idea!

    And, a suggestion: I usually add slippery elm bark powder or marshmallow root powder (or both) to henna to thicken up the paste.

    I love your blog!

    1. Author

      I have a ton of slippy elem and marshmallow root collecting dust in my product stash. Great tip! I’ll definitely make note of it for future mixes that are on the liquid-y side. Thank you!

  5. You are killing the Henna game!
    Apart from the colour deposit, are there any notable differences, or personal preference between the two brands (Raj vs Jamila) in results?

    1. Author

      I haven’t tried the Raj Red but based on reviews and the difference in lawsone content I don’t believe I’d experience a marked difference between Red Raj and Jamila.

    1. Author

      No I haven’t. I’ve only used Rajasthani Indian and Jamila henna so far.

    1. Author

      I’ve noticed my texture is looser the first handful of days after I henna but after a week or so my hair seems to return to its normal coils and kinks are back. I’ll have to pull out a side by side comparison to be sure. My hair does feel thicker though, and certainly smoother.

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