Y’ALL. I’m so excited about how this henna application turned out! Here’s my recap of the festivities.


After letting my henna paste – jamila henna, coconut milk, and green tea – (read how I mixed it up in this post) sit for 10 hours for dye release, I applied it to hair that I’d dampened by misting with plain old water. I’ve applied henna to dry hair (my first application) but it’s soooo much easier to apply to my damp hair.

Henna stained handSide note! Somehow I completely failed to notice that my glove ripped while applying the henna to my hair so I ended up with this lovely henna stain patch on my palm. Maybe the universe thought the patch just wouldn’t do and decided to even things out because both palms ended up stained orange from wrist to fingertip after rinsing the henna from my hair.

Now, I’ve used my bare hands to rinse out henna all the times I’ve henna’d my hair before and never ended up with stained hands so I was so puzzled when saw my oompa loompa palms. The culprit? I think it’s maybe the fact that I let dye release for 10 hours AND when rinsing out the henna I smush my hair between my palms and slide them down while rinsing (it really speeds up the rinsing process.

Anywho, once I’d coated all of my strands, I pinned my hair up.

Henna on natural hair

And then covered my hair in clip wrap, then a plastic cap, and clipped a sock around my head to soak up the leakage. Never let it be said that henna isn’t messy. I haven’t had a problem with dripping in the past, but remember, my henna paste started off a thinner consistency than usual because I only had 1 box (100 g) of jamila henna on hand and had to make enough henna paste for my big head.



I left the henna in for 8 hours then rinsed my hair under running water until the water ran nearly clear before co-washing with Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash (twice). To restore moisture to my hair, I deep conditioned with TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask (my review) for 30 minutes under my Gold N’ Hot heating cap.

Here’s my hair with the deep conditioner still in. My hair just drinks it up.

Deep conditioning with TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask

It was nearly 10 pm by the time I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair, and I was so tired that I forgot to snap photos of my freshly conditioned, henna’d hair like I usually do. I just wanted to twist up my hair and grab some beauty sleep.

For leave-ins, I used Entwine Couture Exotique Leave-In Hair Potion, Entwine Couture Creme Jelle Styler (my reviews), and sealed them in with a little Organix Shea Butter Liquid Glass Serum. I applied the leave-ins row by row, detangled with my fingers, then twisted my hair.

Twist out

I did 30 twists in total and let my hair dry overnight.

Twist out

The next morning, I unraveled my twists, skipping my tug down method to fluff out my hair.

Twist out

Twist outThe sun peaked out from behind the clouds so I tried to capture my red tones in the sun for you to see why I started off my post all excited about my results.

Twist out


Twist out

I’m SO in freaking love with how the red tones have deepened with each henna application. I’m just over the moon! I’ll be swinging my head about, titling it to catch the light, all freaking weekend! ?? 

I’ll post this weekend on the 5 reasons why my hair would kiss me if it could for bringing henna into our lives!

Enjoy your Friday loves!


  1. Hi jen! I am always excited to read your posts and watch your videos. I have one question, I am relaxed and presently stretching my relaxer. When is the best time for me to do a henna treatment? After relaxing my hair or can I door it before relaxing my hair

  2. Hi Jen
    Since this is your fourth henna treatment, have you experienced any change in your curl pattern? I am considering using henna to loosen my curl pattern ever so sightly but also as a way to thicken my hair.

  3. love the post! I’m thinking of doing some henna treatments to get a black color and then go back and do red.. I guess that makes sense haha any who love the post, and I guess I haven’t actually been over here in awhile because I am just now noticing the makeover to your site, the new look is awesome! Great job as always!

  4. Very nice color! Have you tried Rainbow Henna? I have used it several times and it is so easy to use. You mix it and it is ready to use immediately. They also have a lot of different shades. They mix the henna with a lot of other herbs like indigo, marigold etc and have a range of tones and colors to choose between.
    When you mixed it with coconut oil, did the smell linger on for long?

    1. Author

      Thank you! No I haven’t tried it. Hmmm, even after adding the coconut milk the paste still smelled like hay to me.

  5. hi Jen,

    I still love your hair *sigh*
    Your hair is the only one talking to me about going natural so I only come to admire your hair when I am feeling strong.

    (I can’t see your whole blog post when i am on the Internet explorer browser so i had to switch to chrome…)

    your hair looks like it approves of all you are doing to it and I can see the red in it. Am I correct in assuming that all the plastic you were wrapping was to create heat to help the henna work better?

    how long does your twist outs last now?

    1. Author

      Hi there. Thank you! I wonder if that’s a IE bug with my current layout. It was to contain the mess since my henna paste was a bit runny but it helped contained my body heat which helped the henna process a bit more I think.

  6. Lol, I could barely contain my excitement while reading this post. Your hair looks gorgeous!!

  7. Gorg! Love how the colour has been coming in as well. And that it plays peek-a-boo so perfectly. Right on time on the weekend.
    And your hair is so think, full and down right healthy!

  8. Very nice results. How often do you use the henna? Are you on a schedule as to when to refresh your henna application?

  9. Your wet, henna’d curls are so gorgeously uniform and beautiful! Using a sock is absolutely GENIUS! I would have never thought to do that! I tried a loose two strand twist out (rather than my normal flat twist out) and was sadly unsuccessful! Gonna give it another go after reading this…

    1. Author

      Thank you! I got the top from Naptural85, life saver! I need to revisit flat twists. I’ve only done them about 3 times I think.

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