Here’s how I flat ironed my hair after blow drying it a few days ago. I used Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth+ flat iron and to keep my ends straight while passing through the iron I used a Denman brush (D3) and I modified it by removing 3 rows of bristles (pictured here).



  1. Have you tried the karmin hair hair straightener? works amazing! ♥

  2. Your hair is so beautiful, i want to start growing my hair but where do I start from?

    1. Author

      Thank you! I’m polishing up a “getting started” page but I hope the starter/regimen building posts I have *here* are helpful.

  3. I’m five months post relaxer and I’m using weave to transition! How long did you transition and do you think there is a minimum length? How many inches per year did you retain? I hope to retain another 4 inches by the end of this year before doing my hair myself. I hope to be a full SL natural! Perhaps APL but I don’t think I can reach those lengths in a year. I have 3 inches of relaxed hair.

    Thanks for the video! You make being natural look so easy

    1. Author

      I transitioned for 21 months + 1 week, June 2013 to April 2015. I don’t think they’re is a minimum length for transitioning. You can transition for as long as you want to, for as long as you feel you’re able to. I retained all of the length I grew while transitioning. I can’t remember how many inches off the top of my head but I was nearing APL length when I cut off the last of my relaxed ends. Learning to care for my natural hair has had its ups and downs, but it gets a lot easier after you’ve found products that work for you and go-to styles and techniques. Good luck on your transition!

  4. Gorg! Looks full, shiny, and most importantly healthy!
    Roughly how long would you estimate it took just to flat iron (longest wash day ever not considered, haha) I couldn’t imagine this process on my hair, not just because of the current length, which probably would make it not so bad actually, but because of its incredible coarse and thickness!
    I commend you on an amazing job. This and your overall hair journey.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I took about 45 minutes to flat iron my hair.

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