Try as I might, I couldn’t fall asleep last night so I did what I usually do when Mr. Sandman doesn’t pay me a visit: I played with my hair.

[1] I co-wash with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner
[2] Applied TGIN Green Tea Super Moist Leave-In Conditioner and detangled section and then applied TGIN Twist and Define Cream before twisting
[3] Let hair air dry

Twist outI did my twists smaller than I usually do and because I did my hair so late (half past 1 am) it didn’t fully dry by the time my fluffy alarm clock pounced on me at 7. Side note: I might as well change my kitty’s name to Old Faithful because every morning, without fail, she hops on me at 7 for her breakfast. And if I’m slow to get up she knocks everything off my dresser to get me up. I barely rely on my actual alarm clock now. It’s her job. And she’s annoyingly (sometimes) good at it ?.

Anywho, because my hair didn’t dry completely, it ended up poofing up, losing some of the more defined twist out-y texture the smaller twists helped me achieve. But y’all know I love fully and fluffy hair so I’m still happy as a clam ?.

Twist out

Twist out


  1. Another great twist out. I think I like this result better than the others, I’m partial to the fuller, fluffier (is that a word?), less defined look in big hair. But,all your twist outs have been divine.

    1. Author

      Thank you! ♥ I’m totally with you, I’ve fallen in love with fluffy big hair.

  2. I’m loving all the small tweaks to the site I see with each visit! And btw, if THAT’S poof and frizz then I don’t know what I’m doing with my life because it looks great! Can’t wait to see/hear your thoughts on TGIN!

    1. Author

      Thank you! Things keep breaking or running slow on the sit so I’ve had to tweak.

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