The Kinks and Coils are Back

The kinks and coils are back! My straight lasted a week but I had to dig deep to stop myself from jumping in the shower and throwing conditioner in my hair after day 3. I enjoyed wearing my hair straight but I missed my little coily babies.


To bring them back + give my hair some much-needed moisture, I misted my hair with plain old water and applied Thank God It’s Natural Honey Miracle Hair Mask, smoothing it into my hair repeatedly.

After about 5 minutes, I breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of my hair reverting. After applying deep conditioner in my hair, I wrapped my hair up in a plastic bag (I ran out of plastic processing caps and plastic shopping bags always come through in a pinch) and used my Gold N’ Hot conditioning (1 hour) to help the conditioner penetrated into my hair more effectively.

After giving my hair some moisture love I co-washed with Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash, then squeezed excess water from my hair with my hands, applied leave-ins: Thank God It’s Natural Green Tea Super Moist Leave-In Conditioner + SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle . . . and then I let my hair free.


The first time I set my hair free to shrink up to its hearts content I wasn’t excited about the results. It was only a couple of months after I’d cut off the last of my relaxed ends and I was still in the “acceptance” stage.  Seeing my textures for the first time made me feel so overwhelmed because I didn’t know what do it with it. I just didn’t appreciate it. I couldn’t. It was still new to me. But now? I’m over the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter with glee ?

Letting my hair do its thing helped reassure me that my hair reverted completely with no heat damage but reminded me that my patterns are far from uniform, especially “no curl zone” in the front between my edges. The hair there (and the hair at the top of my head) doesn’t coil or curl like the rest of my hair . . . and that’s okay!

I dunno when I’ll next straighten my hair so I’ll be playing with these little babies until the urge to pick my flat iron strikes again.


    1. Author

      No-curl twins! My no-curl-zone is totally mocking me, dashing off my hopes for a curly bang. I didn’t even know how bad I wanted to do a curl bang until I realized I couldn’t. Ugh!

  1. I have yet to really leave my hair alone after washing…I think I’m scared it will become one big tangle and I’ll have to shave it off and start over! But, the more familiar I get and better tools and techniques I develop, I think it may be possible. Great post and are you loving TGIN? I already commented on another post, LOL!

    1. Author

      I totally understand! The first time I was terrified my hair would tangle up and be beyond saving. Familiarity with our hair and finding the techniques that work definitely make it possible. I can’t wait to see your hair set free!

      I LOVE the Honey Miracle Hair Mask! It detangles so well and is very moisturizing. The leave-in is pretty good but I wish it was more a bit more moisturizing. I like the Twist and Define Cream but the jury is still out on where it ranks in comparison to the other stylers I’ve tried.

  2. “After about 5 minutes” I feel you! your hair reverted back with lots of love. Love your puff!

    1. Author

      Thank you! It felt like a long 5 minutes lol

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