I finally took pictures of my hair in the sun this morning and I loovvveeeeee it. *Insert all the heart eyes*

My henna hair May 2016

I tugged my hair out of my ponytail while on my morning run and snapped these.

This color is the result of 3 henna applications:

♥ First: Rajasthani indian henna + indigo (recipe posted here, application posted here, and results here)

♥ Second: Jamila henna (recipe posted here, application + resulted posted here)

♥ Third: Jamila henna (application + results posted here)


  1. Love the color! I’ve been wanting to try henna and thanks to your post I’ve decided to try it this summer.

  2. I would like to wear my hair out. I never do, I always wear buns or box braids. Its easy, but kinda boring I guess. I tried a twist out with diy flax seed gel once, but my hair didnt dry in time so I had to bun instead :-). I love watching you enjoy your hair!

    1. Author

      Buns and box braids are great, simple protective styles. I bet your hair has flourished from them. And aww thank you!!! ?

  3. Your hair looks absolutely beautiful Jen! Gorgeous color!
    My scab hair phase is over but I’ve only been bunning as usual. I will take your example. It is way past time to switch up my look.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I’m glad to here the scab hair phase has passed. How do you plan to switch up your look?

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