This week’s #washdayexperience theme is “Voluminous Curls.” Roller sets are a great way to achieve big curls without during direct heat (air from a hooded dryer is considered indirect heat because hair is securely wrapped around a roller while drying). Back when my hair was relaxed, roller sets where a huge part of my regimen. I faithfully roller set my hair every week until I fell in love with air drying (until my hair got too long and my arms ached when roller setting my hair ?). Here are videos of some of my favorite roller sets using mesh rollers, magnetic rollers, and hourglass rollers.

For tips on decreasing breakage when roller setting: Tips for Decreasing Breakage When Roller Setting

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Magnetic Roller Set

Ponytail Roller Set with Hourglass Rollers

Mesh Roller Set


  1. I bought the French bouffant rollers and I am able to get a smooth set on my natural hair. They were the only rollers that grip my coils and keep them taut.

    1. Author

      Right! Sometimes I’m tempted to revisit roller sets with either my mesh rollers or hourglass rollers but the idea of how achieving really smooth results gives me pause 🙁 Hopefully I’ll try it one day.

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