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Healthy hair journeys can feel overwhelming when looking at the big picture (e.g. achieving the length you want, maintaining your hair in optimal health, mastering the art of protein/moisture balance), but the small things you do to care for your hair a huge impact on your hair.

Here are a few small things that will help you in long run

1. Regularly snip off split ends and single strand knots. Split ends will travel up the hair shaft and single strand knots with snag and causes tangles.

2. Pin your ends up to keep them away from rough fabrics.

3. Finger comb to remove shed hairs before shampooing or co-washing.

4. Sleep in a satin or silk bonnet, or on satin or silk pillowcases to protect your hair from moisture loss during the night.

5. Alternate the direction you wrap your hair at night, or the location of where you place your bun or ponytail to prevent breakage caused by placing tension on the same location or manipulating your hair in the same direction.

6. Wash your bonnets and hair scarves regularly to remove product build up and oil. Your skin will love you for it.

7. Seal your moisturizer with a light oil to create a barrier and slow moisture loss.

8. If you have low porosity hair, use heat when deep conditioning to help conditioners penetrate into the hair shaft.

9. Use a seamless comb if you can. Seamless combs lack seams that will snag and break your strands.

10. Never detangle with a fine tooth comb. Never.


  1. is it possible to achieve your hair results with texturizers?

    1. Author

      I’ve never used a texturizer but from what I know of them, they’re a weaker version of relaxers and as a result they allow you to retain texture by not fully processing the hair. I was able to achieve length + healthy by texlaxing my hair (purposely underprocessing my hair when relaxing it). My texlaxing posts found *here* might prove helpful.

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