Saturday night I blow dried my hair, fully intending to flat-iron it. By the time my hair was dry my arms were tired, my biceps burned and I was fresh out of patience. I ended up flat ironing one row before calling it quits.

Perm rod set with Entwine
After blow drying the first section (of four) with cool air

I wore my hair in a high fluffy blown out bun on Sunday but I wasn’t feeling the bun at all (didn’t even take a pic for y’all) so I set my hair on perm rods Sunday night.

Perm rod set with Entwine

Working row by row, I started off by lightly misting my hair with water. Next I applied half a dime size of Entwine Naturalle Couture Exotique Leave-In Hair Potion and then Entwine’s Creme Jelle Styler for a bit of hold (per row). I used the bigger blue perm rods in the back (12) and the smaller tan rods in the front (14). Oh, and before rolling my hair on the perm rods, I started a two strand twist to make it easier to separate the curls without causing frizz.

Perm rod set with Entwine

I’d yet to have success with perm rods so I sent up a hopeful prayer before bed and let my hair dry overnight. In the morning I unraveled the curls.

Perm rod set with Entwine Perm rod set with Entwine

After beaucoup separating of the curls and shaking my head around:

Perm rod set with Entwine Perm rod set with Entwine Perm rod set with Entwine

Next time I’ll have to (1) dampen my hair a bit more and (2) roll the hair at top of my head tighter/smaller sections for more volume and more shape to my hair or (3) just use smaller rods in the back.


  1. Lovely! This looks great! Nice bouncy and shiny curls.
    I literally just tried my first full head perm rod set (on my own) on this TWA I’ve got here. * fingers are crossed for the results*

    1. Author

      ? Thank you! I hope I’ll get similar results when I try on unstretched hair.

  2. The curls came out really well Jen!! Perm rods are probably the most difficult curls to hack, in my opinion.

    1. Author

      Thank you Becca! They’re definitely finicky. On some sections it was a real struggle rolling upwards at the just right position to snap the perm rod close while keeping my hair taut at the roots.

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