Hey Curly, Frizzy Fro

Wait… can I even consider this a fro? Or is it just a fluffed out curlformer set? I feel like student in need of “fro” guidelines. I feel like it’s a faux pas to label a non-fro a fro. When is a fro a fro? I’m over thinking this aren’t I?

The curls from my recent curlformer set looked a little lack luster this morning so I split them all into 2 or 3 smaller sections as prep for a curly high puff, but that plan fell by the wayside. I’ve never worn my natural hair out all fluffy and curly so I had a total smitten with glee moment. A total “Whhhaaa! Look what I just discovered my new hair can do!” moment.

I tossed the headband I use for my puffs, pulled back the sides with body pins to keep my hair from falling in my eyes, and let my hair be.

The shiny newness of figuring out what I can do with my hair now will wear off but hopefully not for many, many, moons.


  1. Gorgeous! And it looks like fun to havea lot of curls all over the place. I want I want *hops up and down*

  2. Lol @whahaa moment!
    You look like you’re having great fun.
    I dont know for sure but fro comes from afro. So if we wear our afro hair out; styled like yours was or more free form (chunky twist out/picked out) it should still be a fro?

    1. Author

      I’m working my way up to wearing my shrunken fro out and wearing a picked out chunky twist out sounds like a good half-way point!

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