Before you read this post, check out how I mixed up the henna paste I use below in this post: Henna Recipe #2

Henna recipe 2 collage


After letting my henna paste sit for 4 hours, I decided take a few suggestions and apply the henna to my damp hair so I hopped in the shower and co-washed with Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash first. I’m so glad I did because applying henna to my damp hair took much less time (30 minutes) and was much easier than applying it to dry hair.

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4-Henna Application Round 2-001Once I’d covered all of my hair, I pinned my hair up with my aluminum clips.

Henna applied to my hair And then wrapped my hair in saran wrap (and then 2 plastic caps) to contain the mess overnight.

Saran wrap after applying hennaAfter leaving it in for a total of 10 hours, I hopped in the shower and rinsed, and rinsed, and rinse, and then rinsed a bit more.

Rinsing out hennaWhen the water started running clear, I co-washed the remaining henna from my hair with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner. The addition of coconut milk prevented the henna from drying out my hair but because henna behaves like a protein treatment, it’s always a great idea to deep condition afterwards. I used SheScentIt Curl Moist Conditioner and deep conditioned for an hour with my Hot Head Conditioning Cap (I warmed it up twice) and then left the conditioner in for another 2 hours while I cleaned.


The last time I hennaed I achieved browner tones (that were barely noticeable). Leaving out indigo and conditioner this round paid off – the henna dyed my hair a subtle red tint (more noticeable in the front) and I love it. I do wish the reddish/burgundy tint was a smidgen more noticeable but I hope I can either achieve my desired results with either a) future henna applications and/or b) additions to henna to bring out redder tones.

Henna results

Henna resultsOther than the color, I also noticed that my hair felt thicker and smoother after rinsing out the henna. There was also much less shed hair while I rinsed my hair and while I detangled my hair (with just my fingers).

Henna results

Overall, I’m happy I started using henna. I can’t wait to see what long-term benefits I’ll reap. I only used a little more than half of the henna I mixed up so I froze the rest for another application in maybe 3 weeks.

If you’re wondering whether you’d like to give henna try, check out this post Pros and Cons of Henna.

P.S. I ended up doing a perm rod set after deep conditioning, I’ll post the results on Wednesday!


  1. So nice to see you come on over to the other side. You know I love Ayurvedic hair care. If you want your hair to have a redder tone, you will need to mix it with hibiscus. Not trying to self-promote but I have a post and a vid that will help. That’s one of the ways that I was dying my hair red.

  2. Second recommendation for the Red Raj, that stuff is awesome! My hair is always super fluffy after henna. 🙂

  3. Yes yes!!! For that extra in redder tones, I have used hibiscus tea and hibiscus herb (during different applications). My hair smell very good after using both as well =D Your hair looks very beautiful! I’ll have to try that mix with coconut milk. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Author

      Thank you!! Do you use a separate tea for dye release or does the hibiscus tea trigger dye release?

  4. BEAUTIFUL! Repeated applications will improve the color or you can add hibiscus.

  5. OH YES! Love the results, the colour is great! By now I’m sure you’ve seen it in natural light, yes? I find that the colour its way more noticeable, and still subtle enough with henna. I can only imagine the results of the next application using the other half of the mix.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I’m super excited to see the results once I use the other half of the paste!

  6. The next time try Red Raj henna to achieve more redder tones. Henna Sooq carries it if you can find it in your local community. The red tones it produces are beautiful. I use it with indigo to cover my grey. The Red Raj with indigo produces the most beautiful shade of chocolate brown ever.

    1. Author

      You totally read my mind Carla! I was JUST looking at Red Raj this afternoon, wondering if I should try it out to achieve redder tones.

  7. I actually got giddy to see as I neared the results bit. Lol
    It’s so visible this time, and will be even more obvious outdoors. Yay you!

    1. Author

      *Twirls and throws confetti* ? So much happier with my results this time around!

    1. Author

      I’m so excited read about and see your results!!

    1. Author

      Thank you! Minimal shedding was a great benefit to me. I’m all for things that keep more head on my head.

  8. It looks great Jen! I think the color will come out more with future henna treatments. I’m relaxed but I have been thinking about using henna as well.

    1. Author

      Thank you! *Nudge nudge nudge* Give it a try 🙂

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