My First Henna Treatment Application

After mixing up my henna paste of henna, indigo, coconut milk, conditioner, and water and letting the dye release for 2 hours (read: My First Henna Recipe) I grabbed a pair of gloves, threw on an old shirt I didn’t mind staining, and opened Hulu on my phone to make the process go faster.

Step 1:

I started the application process by parting my 6 day old twist out in 4 sections and very gently finger combing out my hair since I wasn’t using oil or conditioner to detangle.

1-Henna Application5

Step 2:

I started applying the henna with gloved hands in the back sections. I wanted to make sure my hair was evenly coated so I worked in 1 inch sections and smoothed the henna downwards, coating my hair from root to tip.

2-Henna Application6

I worked slowly so it took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to cover all of my hair. I hadn’t even realized I took that long – thank you Hulu.

Step 3:

By the time I had finished the henna had already started drying and flaking all over the place and I didn’t want to disturb my hair and snow henna flakes all over the place so I grabbed two plastic caps and tucked each half of my hair into a cap.

5-Henna Application4

With my hair tucked away, I cleaned up. Applying henna is a messy process. I forgot to put down newspaper before started but thankfully I only had two small globs to wipe up.

After cleaning up, I left the henna in for 4 hours. I wanted to leave it in longer but I just couldn’t. My patience ran out. I totally understand why people leave it overnight it in overnight.

That’s it for application, I’ll post my results tomorrow!


  1. I have a question. By releasing the dye means that yiur hair will get no color. It will be black right? Cause I really want to try out the henna but dont want my hair to be colored. My hair color is black.

    1. Author

      Hi there, it means the opposite. In order for the henna to dye hair, the dye must be released. If you do not want to dye your hair, you may want to choose to use cassia rather than henna. Cassia provides the same benefits as henna, but does not dye hair.

  2. Nice! I bet your hair will be very conditioned as well as fortified. That coconut milk and adding conditioner is a great idea. I usually add green tea, but I’ll try your recipe next time

    1. Author

      Yes it was, I’ll definitely be adding coconut milk to my future henna mixes. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you!

  3. Timing sounds about right. Getting every inch of hair, and ensuring sufficient coverage, and being careful – only 2 globs! – I’d say that was really good time.
    Looks about right too! Didn’t you just love the initial softness with the Henna tho? If only it stayed exactly that way, didn’t get hard, and washed out leaving that definition.
    I’m eagerly awaiting your final post with results! Give us here man, give us here! hahaha

    1. Author

      If only! And I posted, I posted! Lol 🙂

  4. This is so exciting! I hope it works for you!

    With henna, I definitely do everything overnight so it doesn’t feel like I’m waiting. Dye release overnight and just let it sit overnight on my hair. I get softer results overnight too since my hair is steaming overnight.

    I’ve only ever done henna after cleansing my hair first. I’ve found that doing it on wet hair keeps the mixture wet and it’s easier and faster to apply. Maybe next time if you enjoy the results. ?

  5. Looking forward to seeing the results! I’ve been considering henna, but have been a bit hesitant so I’ll be waiting to read your final thoughts.


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