Manetabolism 2 Month Growth Comparison

1-Manetabolism Growth_2

I nearly forgot to post my 2 month update. I had been holding out on straightening my hair for a proper length check for weeks. Then I kind of hit a twist out stride out and the urge to flat-iron my hair went right out the window.

Anywhooo, here’s my growth comparison for Mane Choice Manetabolism. The only other supplement I took while taking Manetabolism was b-complex. And try as I might take my vitamins every day I still missed days here and there (9 days in total).

I measured the distance between the where my hair reached in January vs in March and it measures 1.5.”


P.S. My wash day recap will be posted tomorrow. I’ll be breaking out my curl former’s tonight set for this week’s #washdayexperience – “smooth and sleek curls”. I haven’t done a curl former set in ages. I’m excited!


  1. Congrats, that’s a whole extra half inch of growth!!! I’m about to start hair vits for basically the first time in my HHJ. Acne prone skin has prevented me before, I actually bought Manetabolism and never cracked the seal bc I read they gave *some* ladies bad acne like Hairfinity, but the woman already had problematic skin (like me).

  2. That’s awesome growth. You and Uo from are inspiring me to look for Manetabolism now

  3. Did you experience any skin breakouts with the Manetabolism?

    1. Author

      No, none. I haven’t experienced any side effects from Manetabolism.

    1. Author

      My hair normally grows the average half inch a month.

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