This week’s #WashDayExperience theme is “deep conditioning hacks.” Few things are worse on wash day than the disappointment of a failed conditioner. Here are 4 ways to making a conditioner work for you.

How To Fix Conditioner.jpg

Out of the four listed, using heat via my Secura steamer (my review is posted here) and adding a humectant (glycerin) are my favorite.

How do you make a so-so conditioner work for you?


  1. Sometimes conditioners just need that extra boost to get the umph, righ!
    I always use heat to deep condition!! Either with my soft bonnet dryer or by diy-ing a steamer effect. I’ve also added honey and oil to conditioners with great results. Sometimes to make the last bit of a slightly protein conditioner more balanced and moisturizing, or just to give my hair an added boost of moisture when it’s craving it.
    I’ve never added SAAs, but I have used mayonnaise and egg in pre-poo treatments.

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