Why Can’t I Have Soft, Stretched Marley Twist Takedown Twist Outs All The Time?

I took out my marley twists yesterday — which might seem soon but I really do only leave them in for a week (2 weeks tops)… they annoy me after a week — and was rewarded with fluffy, stretched (and soft! Shout out to deep conditioning + moisturizing leave-in before installing my twists) hair.


Sometimes my post-marley-twist hair is more defined (if my hair is really wet when I twist up my hair), and sometimes I don’t get to bask in its stretched out fluffy glory as long as I’d like because my scalp is shouting from the mountain tops “woman, you worked out, frolicked, and ignored me for a week, clean me NOW.”

Marley twists are pretty much the style that keeps on giving. Protective style for a week and then a low manipulation (aka no additional manipulation) twist out for a couple of days after that, and if my scalp agrees (read: if I’m being lazy and just ignore it) a high puff after spritzing and fluffing.

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