Wet Hair Comparison: September VS February

I was deleting photos on my iPad when I found the photos on the left, from September 2015. I hadn’t realized there was much of a change in my wet hair over the last couple of months. Those thinner looking ends on the top left? I’m going to chalk it up to my uneven big chop (I chopped by simply grabbing sections after washing my hair one day back in April, snipping where I could see my natural and texlaxed hair meet). For months after that initial chop back in April, I remember obsessively grabbing my shears and cutting away at any thin ends I found.

Anywho, I’m happy to see these tresses of mine progressing and changing. Glad I found the photo . . . it’s hard to see the forest from among the trees. I hope you’re keeping track of your progress too!


  1. How do you prevent the super tight curls (shrinkage) after washing your hair.

    1. Author

      I keep my hair stretched in either braid outs or twist outs

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