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[blockquote align=”none” author=”Mayah”]Hi Jen, maybe I missed it, but do you have a post or photo laying out where the length markers are on your body? Please bear with me, but how tall are you? When did you start your hair journey? I’ve read your past posts and saw you reached WL in 2012… is that your goal again now with your now relaxer-free hair? I ask all this because I’m trying to motivate myself length-wise. I want it all now but that’s not how life works. Uggghh![/blockquote]

Hi Mayah, here ya go, these are my hair markers. I’m 5’7″. This photo was taken on October 11, 2012 and I started my HHJ in March, 2009 at shoulder length. It just takes time and consistent healthy hair practices. You can do it!

I’ve mentioned this in other posts but it really is one of the “mantras” that helped me let go of my gimme-length-now mindset: focus on the health of your hair and the length will follow. At the moment I’m aiming to get to back waist length but once I’m back to that length I want to shoot for “w/hip” length (between waist and hip length)… Lord only knows how I’ll manage all that hair.


P.S. all my length check photos from 2009 to present are posted here 🙂

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    1. I have lots of layers too, my hair is just that way. I hated that bit as a kid but now I love it and just let my hair do its thing as you said. ♡

      Naija girl next door

  1. I thought that too,as my hair had stopped growing I thought but then I realized it was growing but because just not at a fast rate to notice a difference,I changed my diet but what really made my hair grow was drinking lots of water and just leaving it alone.

    1. Thank u… that’s my prblm. I dnt eat healthy no drink water as much as i should. Taking hairfinity getting mad bc they seem to not b helping either. Imma switch up, mch qppreciated ☺☺

  2. Is it possible for hair to stop growing? Seems like my mane has been the same length for a year.

  3. Your hair is soooo long in pretty I’m trying to figure out if I want to go natural haven’t had a perm over 6 weeks its stressful because it’s like a big bush under my hair I’m trying to get aborad this train I want my hair that long

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