Frizzy Braid Outs Give Birth To High Puffs

Smaller braids = a more defined braid out = Jen can’t keep her hands out of her hair = Jen’s braid out only lasts 4 days

Between rolling around like a madwoman in my sleep because I’ve been having nightmares about spiders (I’m ridiculously terrified of spiders), my work outs causing my roots to shrink up, and my full-blown hand-in-hair tendencies, by day 4 my hair was like ‘ nope, We the Collective Strands are tired. Do something.’

The front section was the tamest part. The back had become so frizzy and undefined.

For the time being, my go-to bad hair day saver is the ever reliable high puff, so after grabbing the items I needed (listed and pictured below) I popped into my bathroom and set in on taming my tresses.

1 — Misted my hair with water and separated my hair for more fluffage

2 — Applied Kurlee Belle Kurl Defining Creme to my hair in sections. For defining texture, I’ve found that Kurlee Belle Defining Creme works best on freshly washed and conditioned damp/wet hair, like in this post

Damp hair with Kurlee Belle Kurl Defining Creme
Damp hair with Kurlee Belle Kurl Defining Creme

3 — Misted my edges and nape, applied The Mane Choice Crystal Orchid Biotin Infused Styling Gel, and gently brushed it into my hair with a soft bristle brush.

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Don’t laugh at my half-broken brush lol. It’s my 3rd cheapy Conair brush… they don’t last long against my hair ?

I’ve been using this gel since the beginning of January and when I tell you I love this gel and that it banished all the other gels I have to the Forgotten Product Wasteland, better known as the bottom drawer of the product cubby in my closet . . . It. Did.

Light-weight? ✓ Doesn’t build up with use? ✓ Doesn’t flake? ✓ Has this kinda weird but cool texture that causes it to retake shape so that it looks like a brand new jar (and like I didn’t stick my finger straight through to the bottom of the jar for kicks and giggles)? ✓ Is my favorite color? ✓✓

In summary, it rocks.

4 — I pulled my hair up into a high puff with a Goody Ouchless headband that I loop twice around (it’s the black band around my neck in the photo above). And to get my edges smooth, I tied my hair down with my trusty silk scarf. I bought this silk scarf maybe 3, 4 years ago on eBay.

Roughly 30 minutes later and viola, hello sleek edges.

And hey there soft puff.

Fin ?


  1. I was also wondering what is your hair type, I thought you must know your hair type so that you can be able to know which products to use.

  2. What a beautiful, full and soft puff! Jen, my daughter (13 yrs old) have been transitioning for 1 whole year. She still has the straight ends because she doesn’t want to big chop. Its difficult to style her hair because she has a very tight curl pattern, type 4c, which means major shrinkage! So, every other week i take her to get her roots blown (no flat iron) and then wrapped. She starting to get discouraged, because her hair is 4c she can’t she the growth and cannot put in a high puff , which she loves! She’s now considering going back to the relaxer. My question Jen is, what is your hair type? And ,with 4c hair, with such a tight curl pattern (very kinky),if she went totally natural, would she need to blow dry every wash to obtain a high puff? How can she style now with both textures without damage? And product recommendations for type 4c hair. Heeeeeelp! (I can take a picture if you want to see her hair)

    1. Maybe you can put her hair in two strand twists to give it a break from blowouts. I do that to my 4b/c hair when I need a break and it usually lasts 3-4 weeks. Also, doesn’t hurt to try out some updos with twists or blowouts. Just saying. Good luck 🙂

    2. Author

      Thank you! High five to your daughter for reaching the 1 year mark! And hugs for her because I totally understand feeling discouraged when it comes to shrinkage. It can take some getting used to. I hated my shrinkage for months but over time I’ve come to see it as humorous. It’s like our hair is holding in a surprise. If you have instagram, have her browse through Naturallytemi account. She has 4c hair and it’s gorgeous. It might help encourage her to keep going!

      As for my hair type, truthfully I’m not really sure, but if I had to venture a guess I’d say 4b/4c. I’ve never tried matching my hair to a hair typing chart. My texture varies, I have tight coils at my nape (left), much looser texture on the right side of my nape. My edges have the texture, while the hair in the center of my head towards the front doesn’t bother curling. To achieve some length to her puffs she could two strand twist her hair (in chunky twists) to stretch it before putting it in a high puff (that’s my go to when I want to stretch my hair before putting it up. I do about 6 chunky twists).

      While I transitioned, curl formers and flexi rod sets helped me IMMENSELY. They stretched my natural hair and blended it with my relaxed ends all without the use of heat.

      1. Jen, thank you so much for your advice, I’ll continue to encourage her and hope she’ll hang in there. Once again, your hair is beautiful!

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