Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing Cowash

For months I’ve wonder how Eden would compare to As I Am Coconut Co-Wash Conditioner. Two weeks ago I finally decided to take the plunge and bought a jar at Sally Beauty ($8.49).

I started off with dry, in-need-of-moisture, deep-conditioned-a week-ago, took-my-marley-twists-out-3-days-ago, been-frolicking-with-my-hair-out-since-then, hair. For extra-moisture on wash days, I usually spray my hair with water + glycerin, but for the life of me, I just I couldn’t find my bottle of glycerin. Instead, I tossed some Organix conditioner in my hair instead, halfheartedly fingercombed my hair to remove shed hairs, and made dinner.

With a pan of creamy fettucine alfredo with chicken simmering on low (fist pump for Pinterest and 30 minute recipes!) I jumped in the shower.

In comparison to As I Am’s co-wash cleanser, it provides a touch more slip. Because I hadn’t finger combed/detangled my hair with the same gusto and thoroughness I usually do before hopping in the shower, so I was worried I’d set myself up for heartache and tangles. Thankfully, Eden’s cowash has LOTS slip. Scout’s honor. My hair just… melted with this cleansing conditioner in. Finger combing this conditioner through was. a. breeze. Also, unlike As I Am, this cleansing conditioner didn’t leave my hair feeling squeaky clean/stripped when I went back for a second application.

I hopped out of the shower, wrapped my hair in towel to soak up all excess water from my hair, and then happy danced, happy danced, happy danced. My hair was sooo soft, fluffy, tangle-free, and moisturized.


I’m pretty sure As I Am’s been bumped outta the “staples” line up by this cleansing conditioner. Can’t wait to use this next week ♥


  1. Hey Jen, how do you use this product? Do you massage in your scalp, or run it through your hair? I need to start cowashing instead of shampooing, because although I love the squeaky clean feeling on my scalp, my hair feels dry.

  2. as I am was horrible for my hair it created a lot of tangles for me. will never use it again. Eden is much better

  3. Ha! this stuff is golden. It’s a staple and guess what? It bumped my As I am too! That’s not to say I’ll never use As I Am’s cowash ever again (like if there’s a ridic sale, I’m all over it.
    Funny story:
    EB needs to change the bottles to differentiate between cleansers, stylers etc. Why did I accidentally buy the twist cream and was using it as a cowash. I used it like 3 times!! I was thinking, “What’s wrong with this product? My God, did they change the formula?” Then I was about to take pics of it to share my wash day experience and BAM! It hit me. I was not using the cleanser!

  4. Had this in my hand on Sat….went to Sallys looking for mielle organics…..they didn’t get their shipment so i walked out empty handed….

  5. I might have to try this for my youngest. Her hair tends to be a bit drier plus she doesn’t get as much product in hers. Me and my oldest will stick with as I am. We need that squeaky. Also, I keep the as I am focused on our scalp vs all the hair.

    1. Author

      This is the only Eden product I’ve tried so far. The masque, curl defining creme, and pudding souffle are still on my “to try” list.

  6. I almost bought this a couple months ago but talked myself out of it. Great slip and softness…yeah this is on my to try list! Thanks for sharing your review! 🙂

    1. Love a product that provides great slip, will have to try it out soon! Thanks for the review, I would’ve never thought that Eden had a comparable or perhaps better product then As I Am. I look fwd to trying it soon!

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