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J. Astrid asks: Can you please help a Caribbean sister out? HIi! I have texlaxed my 4c hair about a week ago and I realized that my hair still often feels very dry and like natural hair. I texlaxed so I could manage my hair better. Plz recommend a solution!

Hi there, how often do you deep condition with a moisturizing deep conditioner? Are you also moisturizing and sealing during the week?

Nessie D asks: I have high porosity relaxed hair but it’s so dry . At first I thought it was protein over load (did aphogee two step & ORS mayo a week later) but I’m moisturizing and still it’s breaking off. Is this signs of high po hair or the overload?

It could be a combination of both. From my post on high porosity: Think of your hair as a sponge. If you have high porosity hair, the cuticles of the hair shaft are not tightly bound. As a result, moisture is absorbed quickly but isn’t trapped within the hair because the cuticles remain open; after deep conditioning your hair may feel soft but after a few hours feels dry again. And unfortunately it takes a while to bounce back from protein overload by deep conditioning and moisturizing consistently. For a fully detailed post on protein overload + correcting it, check out this post → Protein Overload: What It Is & How To Correct It

Jacqueline asks: Hey! I’m texlaxed and have been for the past year, I recently got my hair texlaxed but left it in too long!! Now a lot of my hair is half relaxed, as in bone straight. So I have strands with straight roots and curly ends! What do you suppose I do?

Hi Jacqueline, I’m sorry to hear this happened to you 🙁 there’s no way to reverse a texlax in order to gain more texture. You can either (1) process your more textured ends so that it matches your straight roots, or (2) use styles that blend and disguise the difference in textures until your hair grows out and you’re able to eventually cut away the bone straight portions.

Kristin asks: Have you tried the dove absolute line for curly/coarse hair? A review of that would be great. Thanks

No I haven’t tried that line yet.

Douce asks: Hi Jen!! Did you call a graphic designer to make JGA Journal design or you make it on your own? If you make it on your own which software did you use?

Hi there, I made the JGA journal on my own. I used Adobe, Apple Pages, and Pixelmatr.

Tee Amoretta asks: I have excessive shedding and I find that it may be due to my split ends. I typically cut them on my own, but I have recently heard that a dull scissors/shears only worsens split ends. How do I go about sharpening/finding the right pair of shears?

Tweezerman makes quality shears. I’ve been using simple drugstore Conair shears ($10-12) that I replace every one or two years. Your question actually reminded me that I need to replace my current shears. I make sure I clean my shears after each use – left over product that was transferred from my hands and hair can corrode the stainless steel blades over time. As for sharpening: 5 ways to sharpen scissors

Tiandre asks: Yay we get a name! I know I shouldn’t be this into your boo-thang but I am


Brooklyn Girl asks: Hey Jen, what conditioner (or conditioners) soften your hair even AFTER you’ve washed it. Is there any product that melts tangles and makes your hair feel incredible? Thanks in advance! Xo

Hi there, my favorite moisturizing + detangling deep conditioners are:

Talk asks: I have trouble with my roots being tangled after I’ve roller set my hair. I use a detangler after I DC. Everything looks beautiful when I take my hair down but if I try to run fingers through my hair from the root, I get stuck and it feels dry. Help!

Tangling roots was one of my number one issues when I first learned to roller set. When helped me most was using Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment (detangled + smoothed my hair), using Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum (provides lots of slip), and detangling each section before rolling the hair onto the roller. Hope that helps!

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  1. Nessie D – I had a similar experience and this is what helped the most. For next 4 times you wash your hair, use a deep moisturizing conditioner, under a showercap for at least 30mins after (ideally with heat). Don't rinse it out yet. Then mix about 3 tablespoons of that same conditioner with 2 tablespoons of water and about a tablespoon of Roux Porosity Control Conditioner – put that on your hair for 10 mins. After the 10 mins, detangle your hair then rinse. Basically, you'll have sealed the moisture into your hair. Take advantage of your high porosity hair and get it to absorb a lot of moisturizing goodness, then seal it in by temporarily lowering the porosity of your hair.

    With protein treatments, I always use a mosturizing conditioner afterwards on the same wash day. Don't wait a week later. In following weeks an intense moisture & elasticity treatment like Phillip Kinglsey's Elasticizer is great. If you alternate between protein treatment + moisturizing conditioner on one wash day, and pre-wash treatment (Elasticizer or Elasticizer Extreme or olive oil mixed with honey) + moisturizing conditioner on another wash day, you'll get the benefits of protein (strength), moisture (less breakage and split ends), and elasticity (less breakage, more bounce to your hair, ). As Tonkabelle suggested, to turbo-boost the moisturizing effects of any conditioner you already have, add honey, glycerine, olive oil, or small amounts of hyaluronic acid to it.

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