With the exception of my roots that puffed up due to my work outs (thankfully camouflaged by the rest of my hair) my straight hair successfully lasted the week. I was tempted to leave my hair alone for another few days but my hair started to feel dry; it was definitely time to deep condition.


After spending 20+ years with relaxed hair, I never cared whether my new growth reverted back. Why worry about it when I’d just relaxed it? Fast forward 28 months since my last relaxer and 6 months after I finally chopped the last of my relaxed ends off… now I care.


My hair didn’t fully revert after spraying it with water, or applying conditioner to pre-poo so I found myself standing in my bathroom having a mini freak-out, mentally cussing myself out, cussing out the heat protectant out and the flat iron, staring at myself like


But after co-washing and deep conditioning, my normal coils and curls were back and I was like



These tips are both relaxed and natural hair friendly.

[*] When possible, either air dry or blow dry hair on the cool/cold setting before flat ironing
[*] Always, always use a heat protectant
[*] Set your flat iron to the appropriate temperature for your texture
[*] Try to do only one pass of the iron when straightening your hair


  1. i think i've successfully learned how to blow dry my natural hair straight without a flat iron!! its not bone straight but its manageable and prevents further heat damage from the flat iron.

  2. I'm always worried about my hair reverting back too! There's never a reason why it shouldn't…but you never know! Your hair looks great!

  3. LOL those gifs were so funny! But I am glad everything worked out for you and your curls are POPPING!! Man sometimes ya'll make me want to go natural, but I'm not ready, lol!

  4. So glad to know your curls reverted! Did you feel comfortable with the amount of heat you used when straightening?

    1. Author

      I did feel comfortable. I had virtually zero breakage while using heat from both the dryer and flat iron, and even afterwards in the week after I straightened my hair.

  5. Oh my goodness, I came in here panicked for you. I'm glad your curls came back. I know I say this every time but your natural hair is gorgeous!

  6. Great to hear your curls came back.I can just imagine how you where when your curls didn't fully revert at first.Lol.Those GIFs are hilarious.

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