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I finally scratched my straight hair itch! To prep my hair for heat, I deep conditioned with Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner. This month’s 30 day challenge is all about hot oil treatment, so I squeezed one by applying castor oil + peppermint (these ones here) to my scalp. To help the conditioner penetrate into my hair more effectively and give my hair an extra boost of moisture I sat under my Secura steamer (full product review is posted here) for 15 minutes.

Quick side note on my steamer: I’ve been using it since 2012 and it’s been a great little steamer but it’s on it’s last leg. I’ve lost the stopper, cracked the lid when it took a fall out my clumsy hands, the ozone function has stopped working and I have no clue why, and I’m tired of stacking huge casebooks under it to get it to the right height. I think I’ll be retiring it soon and switching to a standing steamer.

Anywhooooo, I let my hair cool down from the steam session then hopped in the shower and shampooed one section with Paul Mitchell Mirrorsmooth Shampoo. I used this shampoo the last time I flat ironed my hair and it worked well then. It creates a ton of lather and the first time left my hair clean, smooth, but not stripped… not so much this time. Lather was still abundant, but my hair felt stripped and clumped together horribly after. I didn’t have a hope or prayer trying to finger detangle under the shower head. I ditched it asap and reached for Bobeam’s ACV & Clay shampoo bar. Lots of lather, clean hair and scalp, no stripped hair. #winning!

After shampooing, I applied Paul Mitchell Mirrorsmooth Conditioner and sent up a prayer that it reversed the effects of the shampoo. Thankfully it did. Once I’d rinsed out the conditioner I squeezed out all excess water from my hair with a towel and put my hair in 4 big braids and pinned them around my head to stretch my hair.

When my hair was 50% dry, I applied It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In and Paul Mitchell Mirrorsmooth High Gloss Primer to half of my hair. On the other half I used the It’s a 10 Leave-In but went with Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide (discontinued but it was my staple heat protectant when relaxed). To dry my hair I used my handle-less dryer and working in 1 inch sections.

After blow drying a quadrant, I put my hair in a big twist to keep it stretched while working on the rest of my hair.While drying I held my hair taut and worked in smaller sections, which I think helped produce much sleeker, elongated results than when I blow dried my hair 2 weeks ago.

My hair after removing from post-blow dried twist

To flat iron my hair I also used 2 different flat irons. On the side with the Paul Mitchell leave-in I used the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth+ flat iron. On the side with Redken heat protectant I used my Sedu Revolution 1 inch flat iron. Why split my head in half?? For a future product review/tool comparison post. Spoiler alert: The Paul Mitchell Leave-In + flat iron produced lighter, smoother hair at lower temperature setting.

When it came time to wrapping my hair, I was unprepared. I couldn’t my mesh wraps, couldn’t find the duckbill clips I use to hold my hair in place when wrapping. I ended up wrapping it “doobie style” around my head, something I haven’t done in years (when my hair was relaxed I only cross-wrapped my hair because it required less manipulation = less breakage).

I felt like the girl from The Grudge

After wrapping my hair I chatted with my guy – who is apparently happy I’m growing my hair back out because he wants to see it in a long braid (like how I had it in this picture) – and then went to sleep. MY NIGHT SWEATS JUST WON’T LET ME BE GREAT because they ruined the sleekness my hair had going on, leaving me with fluffy roots when I woke up. I was so annoyed I didn’t even do my official length check because my hair wasn’t falling where it was the night before.

For a length check, I only have this picture I snapped in the morning. I’m breaking my mirror rule and posting a pic with spots (yes I’m that anal that it bothers me lol) but it’s the only length pic I snapped. Thankfully I did measure my hair the night I straightened it. At it’s longest it’s 14 inches long and rests at the top of my bra strap (which is line 14 on my length check shirt). The bottom of my bra strap is at 16 inches.

To give my hair some body, I set my hair on a couple flexi rods for 2 hours.

After removing the rods I finger combed my hair into shape.



As much fun as it was to see my hair all stretched out… it was a workout doing it and I’m content to go back to embracing my shrinkage or hiding my hair in twists again when I feel like they won’t put too much a strain on my edges. And I’m super excited at the prospect of claiming full bra strap length by the end of the year. *TWIRLS AND THROWS CONFETTI*

Now to switch gears and learn how to master these twist outs…

How was your wash day?



  1. HEY GIRL! *waves wildly* Your hair looks amazingly thick and full. I'm dying to try a rollerset and flat iron on my hair but it rained for like a week straight so I was like absolutely no point. I cracked up at the "night sweats won't let me be great" comment! Good save with the flexirods!

  2. Hey Jenny,

    You've done it again! Stunning relaxed hair and now stunning natural hair, you keep slaying at this healthy hair hustle , it is so inspiring! 🙂

    Well done.

  3. Your hair looks great! It's true straightening the hair is such a task but at least you're at BSL, gorgeous progress!

  4. I love how fluffy your hair looks, I am sure it feels the same! Wow! Congratulations on BSL!

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